Teresa Cañedo-Argüelles

Teresa Cañedo-Argüelles

I’m by no means an expert in the sciences that study the processes of life; however, I found it wonderful.
It’s been so revealing. I fail to understand why this kind of knowledge and advances are overlooked not only by all scientists but also by all human beings.

The fact that Máximo Sandín have relentless detractors is not surprising at all.
Going against what’s established and standing out is an unforgivable audacity only allowed to those having the patronage of a star. If Máximo Sandín belonged to a prestigious American (or British) institution, no doubt his work would’ve already superseded the obsolete Darwinian evolutionism without anyone daring to question him.

Anyway, I’m speaking from my ignorance, but I’m intuitive enough to understand the scope of Sandín’s proposals, which are so well explained by Isabel Pérez Arellano. I congratulate you for being the vehicle that spreads the knowledge that should be present in the curricula of all schools.
I really give you great credit. I have a passion for the universe enigmas and your book Star Travelers has been truly enlightening to me. 

I’ll contribute to spread it as much as I can. It’s worth knowing the ins and outs of our own essence in order to reconcile ourselves with nature, as we’re a part of it. I truly congratulate you.  

Teresa Cañedo-Argüelles

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