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"Star Travelers” is a book that tries to approach the ideas of Máximo Sandín in a fun way and by means of illustrations, resulting in a new vision of the origin and destiny of humanity.

What would you think if our vision of bacteria and viruses is not the real one and that all living things exist on this planet thanks to them?
Imagine mammals, including people, suddenly appeared immediately after dinosaurs disappeared, all species at the same time. Imagine mammals have reproduced and continued existing thanks to viruses.
Our immune system is the most perfect biological machine to prevent illnesses, including cancer, and it is conditioned by our diet and the environment as well, its genetics being so complex that it will take quite many years to be understood. Bear in mind manipulation by people can have dreadful consequences on all living things.
Although bacteria and viruses created life, a great deal of information on various significant aspects of Biology has been generated and gathered over the last twenty years, but the level of specialization necessary to reach these discoveries has been an obstacle to assimilate and integrate them into an overall vision in order to provide a better understanding of the discoveries themselves.
Based on the work of more than twenty years of Professor Máximo Sandín, the result is this easy-to-read, enjoyable book with illustrations, which is made up of 62 full-color pages. It is available both on the Mandala Ediciones website and the author’s.
José Luis Sabater

The author

José Luis Sabater

I was born in Valencia. I am an Electronics Technician.

I have dedicated to technology and business all of my life, but I have always been enthusiastic about Biology and Nature.

Thanks to Máximo Sandín, this approach has taken place in a much deeper and enlightening way.

 This book is a tribute to Máximo Sandín, whom I highly regard.